Make port ship shape

On the eve of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race start, Mark Woolf, the Chief Executive Officer of the Cruising Yacht Club (CYC), has offered full support for construction of a safe harbour in Snug Cove.

In a letter to the Magnet, Mr Woolf stresses how significant Eden is as an important port of call for boat owners and skippers who regularly sail the NSW coast, and for yachtsmen voyaging across Bass Strait.

“I understand Snug Cove is officially classified as unsafe for small vessels by NSW Roads and Maritime Services but for those boat owners and skippers that regularly sail the NSW coast, the significance of Eden as an important port of call cannot be over emphasised. It is the last all weather port to which yachtsmen have access before entering Bass Strait. Conversely, it is also the first port that yachtsmen call into after a voyage across the Strait from Tasmania or from ports to the west in Victoria and South Australia, for those seeking shelter from the type of weather this part of the world is notorious for, Eden is the safest, if not the only, destination for hundreds of kilometres around.” (Turn to page 4 for the full letter).

Mr Woolf is referring to the NSW Roads and Maritime warning on their Eden Port website to small boat owners that:

“Snug Cove is not a safe, all-weather harbour and the responsibility for safe mooring at all times rests with the vessel owner. ” (

It is this warning , and the casualties experienced every time gale force winds come from Boydtown across Twofold Bay (see Magnet, November 7, 2013), that is the continuing concern for small boat owners and yachties.

None of this is news to the group lobbying locally to have a wave attenuator placed to protect a marina development at Snug Cove, also providing sanctuary for those very small boats and yachts in wild weather conditions.

Fritz Drenkhahn heads up the Port of Eden Marina Inc (PoEM)  group.

“The safety of the Port is an issue front of mind for The Cruising Yacht Club (CYC) as it prepares for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race on Boxing Day,” Mr Drenkhahn said.

Mr Drenkhahn was, however, positive about Bega Valley Shire Council’s recent endorsement of the amended Snug Cove Masterplan at its December 18 meeting.

The Masterplan is an important planning document that will guide development at the port.

That the plan is now ticked, and is another step in the trek to making the Port of Eden a safe harbour for small vessels.

“The consultants, GHD, have clearly listened to the comments on the earlier draft by Councillors, PoEM and other stakeholders and produced a comprehensive and forward looking document,” Mr Drenkhahn said.

“The Port Masterplan encompasses both the main wharf extension and road works for cruise ships and the safe harbour, marina and related shore development for permanent and short term protection of smaller recreational and charter vessels.

“The Masterplan clearly demonstrates the importance of the marina to the future development and commercial viability of Snug cove. Rather than try to specify an attenuator size and location GHD have wisely indicated the general area for an attenuator to be constructed. They have included a substantial hardstand area and recommended that this be connected back to the town through Victoria Terrace as well as to the rest of the Port, “ he said.

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