Eden High School year 12 results up on 2012

Eden Marine High School has performed very strongly in the 2013 HSC.

The school offered 26 HSC Courses for 75 students in Year 12.

Students received Band 6 and Band 5 in 24 different courses, with students receiving Band 6 in 12 courses and Band 5 in 24 courses.

A band 6 result is for a score of 90-100 marks, Band 5 is for 80-89 marks, Band 4 is for 70-79 marks, Band 3 is for 60-69 marks, Band 2 is for 50-59 marks and Band 1, 0-49 marks.

Students achieved 21 Band 6 results and 71 Band 5 results.

At the time of writing this report at least four students have received ATAR’s over 90.

They include Jessica High 96.8, Rowan Caldwell 95.3, Tudor Coombes 93.5 and Siobhan McKenna 92.75.

Several other students received rankings just below 90.

Eden Marine High School principal Ian Moorehead was very pleased with the overall HSC results.

“I think we’ve done very well,” the school principal said.

“Our results are up on the 2012 results. We had 75 HSC students over 26 courses. Students received 65 band sixes across 24 of those courses. There were 12 courses with Band 6, and 24 courses with band 5,” he said.

“It proves to me that once again, the teaching and learning practises in the school, are really assisting students to reach their potential.

“We continue to offer a broad and comprehensive curriculum, while also allowing students to specialise and diversify.

“It’s also a reflection of the expertise and experience of the wonderful teaching staff we have,” the Principal said.

“It’s been exciting for staff to share the celebration of all our students’ achievements with many students already receiving university offers and in some cases, substantial scholarships to support their university studies.”

Jessica's on a real High 

Eden Marine High School student Jessica High was “ecstatic” about her HSC results when she spoke to the Magnet last week.

With a 96.8 ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking), Jessica outdid the goal she had been working towards all year, an ATAR of 95.

“I screamed with joy - as you do when you get over 95 – when I got my results,” Ms High said.

“I have had a sticker on my desk all year with ‘95’ written on it so I’m ecstatic.

“Every time I looked at it I said, ‘got to study, got to study!’”

Now that she’s aced her HSC, Jessica plans to study at the Australian National University (ANU) in 2014.

“I’m going straight to ANU next year to study International Relations. I want to be diplomat eventually. I’m going to do a language, I’m not sure which one yet, and history and political science.

“I’m going to live on campus. I’m really excited. I don’t really know anyone in Canberra. I’m going to be a bit of loner I guess although there’s a lovely girl from Lumen Christi who is also going to Canberra.”

For now, like lots of other young people, she is madly working trying to save up for her university studies.

“Over summer, I’m just going to work really hard to get as much money as I can so I can feed myself when I get to Uni. I’m working at the Merimbula Marina part time.”

Rowan scores twice

Rowan Caldwell of Wyndham achieved an ATAR of 95.3.

“They (results) were better than I expected,” Rowan told the Magnet on Monday.

“I was expecting maybe low 90’s, high 80s.”

Rowan studied engineering studies, chemistry and physics, maths and maths extension 1 and English advanced.

“I’ll probably be doing engineering at University of Wollongong. They have a big engineering faculty there, it’s close to Port Kembla and the nearby steel works.  I will be doing material engineering, like metallurgy, innovating in materials to prevent failure.”

The soccer, tennis and bike fan has recently moved to Wyndham from Towamba and is currently working at Foodworks in Pambula.

And he has also scored a work integrated learning scholarship with a heavy metal engineering company in Newcastle, totalling $57,000 over four years of study.

“You work for them in the holidays, and then they pay you every semester,” Rowan explained.

“When I got an interview with them I was in shock for a bit. It really is going to help out. It might have been the difference between going (to Uni) in 2014 or taking a gap year.”

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