Mavis wins the giant stocking

Mavis Wasley was the lucky winner of the Eden Retailers giant Christmas stocking.

Mrs Wasley was thrilled to win the prize which towered over her and even included a welding helmet!

“No, I don’t weld,” she replied when asked.

“But my two sons do a bit so they can share it between them,” she said.

Mrs Wasley was keen to thank everyone for the wonderful stocking contents.

“Thank you to all those who contributed to the stocking.

“I was so thrilled and it was such as shock. I haven’t got over it yet, I don’t think.

“There was this big, beautiful elephant picture, studded with jewels. I’m going to put it above my bed for luck.

“There’s a welding helmet – my two boys do bits of welding from time to time. Everything that’s there will go to good homes but they’re not getting all of it!” she said.

“I’ve never won anything like that, that’s for sure.

“I tried to win a ham (on ESSCIs chocolate wheel) but didn’t have any luck. But I’ll get one from Brown’s Butchers because there as a $25 voucher for the butchers in the stocking.

“There was a petrol voucher, a seafood voucher. It’s remarkable! For everybody to do what they did, it’s only fair I say thankyou and let them know I appreciate it!”

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